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The free state  


The vertical country of the second world.


Social Utopia

location: border area




The term of classification of the world division into first, second and third appeared in the middle of the 20th century during the cold war. The countries of the first world were the democratic countries of the Northern Alliance. The countries of the second world were the countries of the Warsaw Agreement and the USSR, as well as the communist countries. The countries of the third world are the countries which failed to participate in the cold war directly, but still were the arena of rivalry. This classification was of political nature.

At the beginning of the 21st century the classification of the countries has changed somehow, switching from the political into economic division. At present the countries of the first world are the developed countries with the high standard of life. And the countries of the third world – the developing, that is all the rest countries. There are no countries of the second world.

  The free state  

The development dynamics of the countries of the first world and the conservatism of those of the third world more and more increase the time distance between the two worlds. With every decade this distance will be only increasing. Two different worlds will exist on one terrestrial globe. The developed countries will cut themselves off with the help of new borders, and the hatred and opposition will grow up in the countries of the third world.

The necessity in creating the new countries of reconciliation will arise. They were the countries of the so-called buffer zone where the people from the 1st and 3rd worlds will be able to get freely and voluntarily. Thereby the Second World will again come into existence, but in the new aspect.

  The free state  
  The free state  


However the modern world does not have any territory to creation of the new country. There are the unpopulated territories, but they are unfit for the habitation. The new country, to our mind, should be located at the border of the developed and developing countries. As far as there is no free territory between them, the new country should be vertical touching the ground only with the supports.
  The free state  
  The colonization of such a country will be realized according to the free principle. All the volunteers who are tired of the political wars or infringement of the liberties in their countries may settle the vertical country free of politics. The main aim of the countries of the Second World will be the reconciliation of the different nations of the world, as well as learning of their history and culture.

Stretching along the borders of the states the length of such a country may be over 300 km, and its width may vary between 200-300 m. Its height will be about 500 m. The horizontal surfaces will be located one over another.
  The free state  
  The free state  
  The people’s escape from the old horizontal world to the new vertical world.  
The new vertical world has all the functional components of the ordinary country. Each horizontal surface is a city with buildings, parks, transport. All the cities are different by size. The electrical trains move in the horizontal direction to long distance. The vertical communication is performed with the help of lifts. The lift bar has the threading and at the same time it is the vertical support element of the common structure. The movements of the lift cabin up and down are performed by the principle of bolt twisting and untwisting at the expense of the mobile mechanism. At that the part where people are situated remain immovable. This principle of raising is less power-consuming than the classical lift, which allows saving the economy for the whole country. The bars by which the lifts move are also the supports of the horizontal surfaces. Their ultra strength and their big quantity allow supporting the whole country.
The raising of goods to the new territory is provided at the expense of the trains energy which are connected to the vertical mechanism, which acts based on the principle of the scissors. The trains are meeting raising the goods up and are separating lowering it down.
  The newly appeared Second World will connect the two rest world like a thin thread without allowing them to separate one from another. And maybe even help to bring them together.  




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