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Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Center


The competition: "ThyssenKrupp Elevator" Istanbu 2011
Client: ThyssenKrupp Elevator

Building status: concept proposal
Number of stories: 6
Building area: 8100 m2






  The building structure consists of two lower (А and В) and the upper (С) blocks.  



The lower block has got a form of two displaced semicircles, they are separated by the ramped approaches into different directions. A small semicircle (block A) and a big semicircle (block B). The diagonal ramped approaches lead visitors to viewing platform in the form of a circle with the glass walls and the roof. The viewing platform is connected with all the blocks of the building. Block A has got premises in two levels, they are connected with simulation, modeling, experimental, training functions. People can get from the viewing platform to the lower level of this block with the help of escalators. It is possible to get from the lower level of this block to the permanent exposition museum, which is designed as a tunnel ramped approach around this block, there are WC facilities over here as well. Block A has got the accessible roof area with oblique surface, the roof of museum-tunnel-ramped approach is used as the ramped approach to the ground level.


Block B has got lobby-flow area, two cafes and entrance to the second exhibition hall of the changing exhibit, which is also designed as the tunnel ramped approach around the atrium space. There is an entrance to the lobby both from the viewing platform and from the ground level. The lobby area is located on the some descending verandah, connected with the system of stairs and travolators and covered with the glass roof. This space can be used as a temporary exposition.





The viewing platform has got elevators to the upper block C. The upper block C is three-winged and it rises above two semicircular blocks A and B. A conference hall, seminar halls, a planetarium, a 4D-Video hall, a library and office rooms are located in the block C. The block C has got green accessible roof area, on which children section is located.

The upper block C has got passing framework which serves as a protection against sun rays and wind and has got LED decorative light.

Except the principal stairs-elevator sections the block C has got emergency exits by way of entrance slip roads and stairs to the accessible roof area of the block A and ramped approach rood of the block B. The lower level of the block C has got glass construction over the viewing platform.

The hostel for 150 persons is located under the viewing platform, it has got supplies and equipment, a kitchen, WC facilities and shower rooms. There are two separate exits.