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The Competition Changing the Face – Moscow 2011

Moscow 2011


Locations: Russian Federation, Moscow.





"Pushkinsky" cinema situated on the cognominal square is an architecture reflection of its epoch. Great number of premieres has been held in it and it received millions of spectators.  
  Today we indwell the other epoch. Our time is very dynamic and many-sided. And will rightly leave an imprint on architecture. It's suggested by our project to carry movie viewing beyond the scope of cinema walls. Together with standard method of film projection it's suggested to add two more external screens with tribunes. Screen being a part of new cinema's form gives dynamism to the general image. Embracing by its action surrounding area involves passing by people. Thereby the surrounding square becomes a part of cinema.  
  According to the project the form of "Pushkinsky" cinema has to stay in original appearance. But in the same time the new cinema - "Portal" - is placing on the same place. These two different by form, structure and operation method, but common in destination cinemas share one square. Situated in one place as if they take no notice of each other, but eventually generate a new architectural form. 
The name of new "Portal" cinema is the reflection of its function: to attract spectators and be a buffer area between the square and the "Pushkinsky" cinema. By its grandiosity it imbues coming to it spectator with anticipation of forthcoming action.
  The structure.
The "Portal" cinema represents an inclined space structure, having two mighty supports from the both sides of acting cinema. The front surface of this structure is a light-emitting diode screen. The screen is represented in the form of long and narrow plates, which can rotate on the principle of pergola. This construction also complements the awning function under the cinema's entrance area. On the second screen as to the advertising clips of current and coming movies and different kinds of films can be demonstrated. From the both sides of the central steps the constructions- tribunes are placed. In capacity of spectator's seats are foreseen deck chairs, providing propitious corner of movie viewing. Along both sides two additional passages and noise-protective transparent barrier enclosing the tribunes from the carriageway are placed.
On the every side elevation the supporting structures are situated. In their structure the flight of stairs leading to the second opened hall for movie viewing in the evening time are placed. There are spectator's tribunes of the second cinema under the screen of the first one.
  "Pushkinsky" cinema is suggested to be sewed round by the material … of pale grey color, and also replace the current glass leaded pane on frosting coating with diffuse reflection. It will give integrity to the old cinema and emphasize the contrast of form and the new construction.