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The Artist`s House


Young Architect Award Competition Prague 2010





In our days more rarely we may see the architectural objects which touch the problem of the shaping, harmony, image. The architects rarely receive the tasks to find the new forms and styles.

  In my opinion, every building has to have its unique image that reflects completely its destination, and all the engineering and technical innovations are just the tool which should not possess the first place in the architecture.  
  The main idea of this building is the complex composition of the surfaces and lines which is achieved with the help of the exterior stair, summer terrace and additional constructions creating the complex shade on the wall surface which embodies the canvas. The wall has the metallic bordering with the diffuse reflection and is a specific mirror. At the interconnection of all the factors (building construction, reflecting wall surface and complex dynamic shade) there appears the complex original composition of the game of light, shade, reflection and construction. The received form most likely reminds the abstract picture and reflects the destination of the building – The Artist’s House. The graphic composition is inconstant and changes with the sun moving.
The building is situated on the steep slope of the lake bank Crimea, Ukraine .

Ground floor: Living room with kitchen-niche that is also the exhibition gallery. In the interior of the living room there is the inside single-span cantilevered stair. The guest bedroom with the adjoining bathroom and a separate bathroom.
There is a stair to the first floor from the living room, as well as the exterior summer stair. The main room of the first floor is the artist’s workshop. The cabinet and the library adjoin the workshop from the one side and the bedroom with the bathroom and the storeroom from the other side.

  The exterior stair connects all the floors as well as the basement floor. From the exterior stair we get to the platform over the water and from there to the technical rooms of the basement floor.