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The competition conceptual desing in Vienna, Austria 2010






  The world of architecture and design is daily enriched by a number of various innovative ideas. New buildings are being erected; designers create goods and environment that surprise, fascinates and shocks us.  
  But at the same time there are a lot of projects that will never be implemented.  This is extreme architecture, conceptual and innovative design, student projects. All these projects don’t need to be realized but nevertheless they deserve attention and evaluation by society.
We suggest visualizing such projects virtually with the help of holograms on a scale of 1:1 on any open spaces of Vienna corresponding to the project dimensions. Original size of presented projections will give an opportunity to estimate the benefits of each concept. It is planned to simultaneously expose several objects distinct in profile, subject and size in different parts of the city, and systematically change them.
    Vienna will become an open-air exposition for experimental projects, where architects, designers, painters and students from all over the world will have an opportunity to fully fulfill their potential and show the genius of human fantasy. This will favor development of new compositional shapes and the most fantastic ideas will become, though for a little while, real. The limits occurring upon realization of complex ideas that used to restrain the fantasy will be eliminated. Architect students will be able to practice scale modeling. All the fashion trends in design and art works will be exposed in the capital of contemporary art - Vienna.