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The competition Designing Absence
Cathedral in Antwerp, Belgium 2010
2nd place





For many years has the cathedral no second tower. One tower stands lonely, without its lost or not born brother. I am not aware of the reasons of its disappearance and it probably has already no importance. For such a long time people got accustomed to this picture. Suppose there will appear the illusion of nonexistent tower… Or it will appear from time to time. How will it influence on city? What reaction of the viewers will it cause?  
  The missing element, and more precisely one of the towers, probably draws in the imagination of the city dwellers and tourists the symmetrical tower. According to this decision, we propose to complicate the result and to make the composition unsymmetrical. The new mirage tower will be slightly higher and notwithstanding the same style, it will not be the precise copy of its present brother.  
  It will be realized through graphic hologram in the place of the nonexistent construction. The time and reasons of illusion tower emergence may be various. It may emerge when it rains or when there is a mist or sunset. Like mysterious natural phenomenon, it may suddenly appear and likewise suddenly disappear. However, it should be always an unpredictable event. Such a theatrical act will always amaze the public, give birth to new rumours and legends, and attract enormous interest.